At Young's we aim to do more than just improve your home. To us, it's about enhancing the way you use and enjoy it.   Y-turf from Young's is maintenance-free and loojks like a million bucks, year-round and year after year.

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Imagine a beautifully landscaped lawn all year round.
Now, envision this same yard requiring little or no maintenance.

The revolutionary synthetic turf installed by Y-Turf are lush, vibrant and lifelike with a fresh cut appearance and feel ~ adding brilliance, comfort and value to what is likely your most valuable asset ~ your home.
Great for kids, pets and you.

Besides the beauty, Y-Turf can create an entertainment and sporting environment right in your backyard. Maybe you'd like a premium putting green, bocce court or ultimate playground. The synthetic surface offers unparalleled quality, durability and performance.

Real or Y-Turf?

Experience the perfect feel of real
grass — vibrant and manicured throughout
the year, with little or no effort.

Seriously? No mowing or weeding?

Right. Wave goodbye to your lawnmower.
But that’s not all you can put away.

See what else you can look forward to
with Y-Turf installed synthetic surfaces.